At In-Form Physiotherapy, our commitment is to get you back to your normal activities. Our experienced staff will assess your condition and design a treatment plan specific and directed towards your needs. We address your individual health and fitness needs, focusing on correcting the root cause of your injury and/or fitness deficiencies.

At In-Form Physiotherapy, all our staff are experts in their field, while our support staff all have University degrees in Kinesiology. We do not have a waiting list and no referral is needed.

We offer intervention for people of all ages - from newborns to the aged. Our office staff, our clinic setting and the expertise of our practitioners allow us to offer the best of care in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

In-Form Physiotherapy was founded by Roya Fereidooni (Registered Physiotherapist) in 2007. Prior to opening In-Form, Roya was the clinic Director at Fox Rehabilitation in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2007, Roya pursued a new venture to create a multidisciplinary clinic that is based on quality 1-on-1 care, adopting a biomechanical model for rehabilitation and exercise training.

Service Delivery

Comprehensive Assessment

A combination of clinical observation and standardized assessments are used to determine the specific needs of each client. Goals and treatment objectives are then established based on input from clients, families and their therapist.

Direct Intervention

For children and adults, direct individual physiotherapy or massage therapy are available in the home and/or the clinic.

Home Visits

In-Form offers home visits for individual paediatric or adult physiotherapy and massage therapy in most areas of Vaughan. Provision of home therapy is subject to the requirements of the client and family and arrangements made with a In-Form physiotherapist able to meet their needs.

Your Treatment is funded by:

*Public funding is available through OHIP and VCHC based on eligibility